Protect The Coral Reefs

Knowing is the key to caring, and with caring there is hope that people will be motivated to take positive actions.
They might not care even if they know, but they can’t care if they are unaware.

Dr. Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer

We’d like to screen the film along the coastlines of India. Contact us to host a screening.

Are you an artist? We want to showcase art installations inspired by Coral Woman at the coast and at art festivals. This will help us build conversations around the coral reefs. Contact us to discuss.

Are you a diver and want to know how to collaborate? Join us to create videos that will help coastal communities adopt environment friendly practices.

Check out our lead protagonist Uma’s paintings here. If you love them, pledge to have one hand painted from her, and 50% of the money generated will be spent on coral rehabilitation. This is our pledge.

We need partners to help us build this space as a place for news, information, tool kits and a growing community of passionate coral welfare ambassadors.

For school children we are developing an interactive educational tool kit. We have seen how eagerly children promise to protect the corals once they become aware. We want to equip them with information and tips on what they can do. Contact us to know more.

For Impact we have taken several initiative like Good Pitch India.


How can we reverse this damage along our coastline? Send your thoughts and insights about coral conservation.

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